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V.A.S offer a range of educational, speech and language assessment services 

Professional Learning and Teacher/School Consultation

V.A.S offers Professional Learning and consultation to schools, networks and staff groups covering a number of topic areas.

Funding Applications

V.A.S. has extensive experience with funding applications for all Criteria across all three Victorian School systems; Department of Education and Training, Catholic Education Office and Independent Schools Victoria

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V.A.S. Managing Directors have extensive experience with Assessment Services (PSD-AS) and have also been key personal with setting up assessment projects and providing assessment services. 


Key features of these assessment models have been implemented by V.A.S include care and respect for clientele, a high quality 'value for money' service, efficiency and flexibility, high ethical standards and other innovative practices.  V.A.S. intend to take and enhance previous assessment models with all future works.


V.A.S is based on a thorough knowledge of the education sector.


Our implementation success will be attributed to our ability to provide an excellent, professional and timely service.


V.A.S. endeavour to develop a positive culture with all of their clientele.


Our key Partnering profile allows for an efficient and flexible service providing access to all locations across Victoria.


Our professional selection processes will be complemented by our induction and ongoing education and quality control of subcontractors, resulting in the company being a responsive and outstanding educational service provider. V.A.S key Directors pride themselves on being customer focused and our communication processes and detailed customer service plan reflect this.


Quality control measures in place enable ongoing modifications to our practices to ensure our service is of an excellent standard to all service users. We intend to work closely with school communities and other services and receive regular and expect consistent positive feedback in all areas of our work.

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